Have you ever celebrated the birthday of you boss or your teacher?

September 9, 2008 1:50pm CST
I never got the chance to celebrate my boss's birthday. If you ask me about my teacher then I would say I don't even know her birth date. I will be really lucky if she however invites me in her birthday. Do you guys have any experience celebrating birthday of your dominators?
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@arewayne (30)
• United States
12 Sep 08
This is a funny discussion for me because in high school me and my classmates had a running joke of wishing one of our teachers a happy birthday just about every time we saw her. As the joke evolved we started bringing in party hats, streamers and sometimes even cakes. So we had a birthday party for her once a week for the entire semester until it actually came time for her birthday. On this very special occasion we did.......absolutely nothing. She was incredulous as to how we could celebrate every day as her birthday EXCEPT her actual day of birth. So to answer your question, I guess i technically haven't celebrated a teachers birthday, but I celebrated every day that WASN'T her birthday so she wasn't too upset.
@kimi85 (92)
• Italy
9 Sep 08
Childs celebrate birthday of the teacher in the classroom.but nothing gifts while for my boss, I will not ever.even with the end of the world :)
@ghing029 (51)
• Philippines
9 Sep 08
I remember we celebrated my advisers bday party when I was 4th year HS.. my classmates and i decided to give our adviser a bday party and we want to surprise her.. we talked to our teachers and told them that we want to throw a bday party and they all agreed.. they did not attend our class for the whole day.. we even created a card with messages of her co-teachers.. we cleaned the room and cook some food we even buy cake.. haha.. I remember she even shouted at us when she saw our room close and we even cover the window with curtain.. we told her that we need to set-up the whole room for our play.. she was so shock when she came into our room and we sang ahappy bday song with her co-teachers.. I think I even got the chance to celebrate our boss birthday on my previous job..
• United States
9 Sep 08
I don't remember celebrating any teacher's birthdays. But my kids did and still do. The room mom would always ccollect (optional) money for a group gift and have cake and stuff. It all stops in Middle school and thereafter.