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September 9, 2008 10:10pm CST
Okay, so I know that my cat was pregnant once before (when I was pregnant with my son) but I do not remember somethings... like... how can you tell if your cat is pregnant... I just kinda knew before. My cat ended up being outside all night and now she is acting kinda weird... always wanting my attention and hovering over me when I lay down. She wont leave me alone. Now even when I go outside she is right by the door or window where i am at... GRRRRRRR Does this seem like a cat that is pregnant or am I just flipping my lid on this one? I really dont need more cats in the house with 2 little ones but there wont be much I can do if she is... please let me know!!! haha I know it takes 13 weeks or something for the kittens to be born... how long does it take before they get heavier? I think I psych myself out sometimes thinking she is heavier just because I think she might be pregnant but it just happened about a week ago so I am not sure if that would be anything to see right now or not....
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10 Sep 08
That sounds more like being in heat.You can tell your cats pregnant by touching her stomach and feeling if its hard,also there nipples will enlarge and the hair tends to move away from the nipples and of course she will start getting fat.