do you thnk you can fall in love with a person who is not your gender????

September 9, 2008 10:40pm CST
as being a woman we usually look for a better man who will take care and cherish us... but at the same time fall in love. But what if you decided to love a person its not a guy but a person who likes guys would you accept it.. and would you tell him how you feel... and would you sacrifice your life just to wait for his answer
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@cecelgay (563)
• Philippines
10 Sep 08
I am sorry to say but i will not accept it, i will not so such kind of foolishness, I couldn't imagine myself loving a guy who wants guys also, i can't imagine myself kissing a man who kiss man also, that is so degrading for me, also relationship is very shaky coz anytime that man will leave me for the sake of guys that he like. From the very beginning I am already a looser so why should i keep fighting where in i know that i will never win. Loving and getting into a relationship is just like engaging into battle, there are alot of problems arises and even intruders for you to win the battle you must keep on fighting till the very end but in this case how could i fight in this kind of battle where in, in the very first place i am already a looser, it is just a waste of time, why not try to look for another battle where you have the possibility to win. If i am in that position i'll let him go, i'll set him free, true loves knows how to set free, coz i know he will not be happy being with me, i'll just accept the truth and just befriend him..
@jollibee (57)
• United States
10 Sep 08
i could not imagine myself on that situation. i don't think i will fall inlove with him. I probably want him and I to be friends. no string attach.