what makes you unique, except DNA ??

September 10, 2008 3:35am CST
Hey guys, here's a funny but important question. Tell what makes you unique in this world. How do yu think you can be distinguished in the crowd of world. Mine answer is -- I think differently and in a way that others don't. Waitng for your answers...
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• China
19 Sep 08
I like the question very much. But I have thought hardly,it's hard to answer.Frankly,there's no significant difference with the crowd around me.Hmm...I have a very flat nose T.T,what is I can only think of.
• United States
19 Sep 08
Hmm that is an interesting question. I do think differently also. When someone asks me something and i answer people stare at me like wow. Umm. I really haven't given this much thought. I don't like french fries or potatoes. lol everyone thinks that is weird!
• United States
11 Sep 08
Well, DNA, lol. I guess I could have a lot to bring to the table if I tried hard enough. But I'm no show off, so I'm going to take the humble route out and say that I have the power of enlightenment, lol. I don't know. I guess my personality is something that most people end up liking. I can be really sarcastic to the point where it annoys me, lol.