how to make money in mylot ??

September 10, 2008 5:49am CST
Hi, im getting too little amount from mylot. i want to make more money using mylot. can any one plz tel some easy ways/steps/points to earn on mylot.
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11 Sep 08
If you are thinking to earn money online through honesty means then following can be useful for you:
@Sean_Jean (269)
• Canada
11 Sep 08
You cant really earn alot from this site, this is just a good communitiy + alot of friendly people who you can chat with :P But to make money, u gotta be really active.. and post in discusions, also make topics and make them intrseting etc.. etc.. Good day to you!
@johnkhoo (30)
• Malaysia
10 Sep 08
Besides earning from discussion and posting comments,you can also maximise your earning potential with MyLot referral program. Many people here at MyLot are really "hardworking" to earn $0.01 to $0.02 for each posting or comment made. They forget about the referral program. Instead of hardworking on the discussion and commenting, be hardworking on referring new members to MyLot. If you have many referred members in MyLot participate in discussions, you may see that you can easily earn $10 per month without participate in the discussion aggressively.
@sirrob (4112)
• Philippines
10 Sep 08
there's no easy way in earning big bucks here in myLot, you need to work it out, time and effort is necessary in this kind. i can only speak on what i observe in my journey here in myLot in the past month. i only became so active here just last month that i religiously visited the site everyday although there were times that i'm not doing well in responding and making post (as always) but to tell you frankly i reach payout 5 days before the cut off date and i have enough time to slack. what i did is, i make sure that every time i will respond to a discussion it should contain relevant information to the topic and should be a quality one. make a post that is at least 5-6 liner, as much as possible. there were days that i earned more than a dollar by just responding to discussions with less than 30 posts or just above it. so the end point is, make a quality and relevant response with at least 5 or 6 liner post. lem'me know if that won't work out with you.