What do you miss the most about your highschool years?

United States
September 10, 2008 6:00am CST
I myself miss the social thing. I had lots of friends at school that I did not talk to otherwise. I miss the school pizza. I miss skipping half the day and getting away with it. I actually graduated with a 3.0 anyway. I also miss not having to worry about every day stuff us grown ups have to worry about.... Class Of 1998
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@hellcowboy (7383)
• United States
11 Sep 08
When I was in high school I said once I graduated I would not miss it and I would not ever wish to go back,but now that I am out I do miss it from time to time,and the things I miss most are getting to see my friends everyday and getting to have classes with them,and I also miss it because it gave me something to do during the day without having to worry about finding a job or deal with the responsibilities of a adult.
• Israel
10 Sep 08
I guess not having any responsibilities or cares I just went to school and didnt have to worry about thing slike money kids etc. But I wouldnt go back for anything!
• Philippines
10 Sep 08
I miss all my classmates. We have a very tight bonding with each other. No one is a loaf and everyone is friendly. I don't feel I'm in school, its like I'm with family members. I miss the Sunday when we used to play basketball in the school open basketball court. I miss the Saturdays where we used to go to fiestas and chill out in my friends house. I miss having the CAT-1 drill where we get to be bond with all the Seniors in our school. It's quite an enjoyable and its full of memories. I wish I could go back to all those times.
@sweetdude (223)
10 Sep 08
i miss playing football with my frinds, going to the schhol canteen and chatting irls, and everything really!!! happy mylotting friends!!