Do you think we are really complicated beings?

September 10, 2008 9:14am CST
"Let her cry, for she's a lady..." Countless songs have been written and sung to make men feel better and understand women better, but until now most of them just dont seem to get it. Are we really that complicated? I think we are an amazing brand of specie that doesn't really need to be studied well, but just accepted as we are. I think that if a man loves us and accepts us for what we are, it will bring out the best in us. Women, i believe are like wildflowers, and they are made of different kinds. One thing common to us is not our being complicated but it is our capacity to love greatly and do it well. So are we really that complicated? Or it's the men who are not so smart to dig us?
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• Malaysia
16 Sep 08
hi pinky we are not complicated.. but we just do not know how to react when we see hurdles along the way. We should not allow the hurdles to cause any confusion to us and obstruct our progress. There is no such thing as "a man who loves us and accepts us as we are" - only our parents can accept us as who we are ... in a relationship .. the man is the man and the woman is the woman.. we have our individuality .. all we can do is adjust and learn to live together .. Standardize and Adjust what ever that is your needs and requirements and live by that guide and all that use to be complicated has been broken down into solveable simple hurdles than can be kicked off like a stone or ball cheers