breakthrough towards the Big Bang theory

September 10, 2008 9:24am CST
hi! i stumbled upon an article from the CERN website. it particularly caught my interest because i thought that the matter and antimatter issue from Dan Brown's book was purely fiction. If you're quite interested, visit CERN is the world's largest particle physics laboratory. one of their work is to research and study what happens when particular particles collide. they have accelerators and detectors. in the near future, CERN would be able to give us answers as to what gives mass to a matter, what is the invisible 96% our the universe made out of, blackholes, microblackholes, and etc. with the first beam in the LHC (a very large collider located in a tunnel somewhere in Geneva) that was conducted today (sept 10) was successful. there were a lot of protests that happened for the past decade. a lot feared about the consequences of the beam in the LHC. the mere fact that two particles will collide in a billionth of a second can cause not only nuclear power, but other natural phenomenon as well. just imagine, that is how the universe (theoretically) formed. hopefully the scientists were able to get good data that would prove the Big Bang theory. this must be big.=)
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@Tom728 (176)
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13 Oct 09
I wrote stuff about this years ago for school. I don't know why people make such a big deal about it. It's kind of stupid really. I mean if you take away all the new words and fancy phrases it just become "Blowing things up" Kinda like a child that is a pyro. I think that if they could detect that stuff it already would have happened and I guess some people says it does but It's going to be a explosion like thing with clouds of stuff. I dunno I just hate all the hyp around it. I mean what would it solve for anybody? How to make a electron into a proton and then what would that do to global balance of stuff??? Kinda f'd up I wouldn't do it and I'm on this planet and it's getting done anyways.