Do you think airport security is too strict?

September 10, 2008 11:29am CST
I heard that they have these new systems that they can see thru your clothes before you get on the plane! The lines are already so long and you cant take anything on the plane, do you think its too strict?
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@BubblyIan (751)
10 Sep 08
Yes definitely Since it is impossible to prevent all possible variations of bombs or explosives on aeroplanes, I thinkw e should have more relaxed security. In a 'civilised' society, there must be an acceptance of risk. A 'free' society means being able to travel without being treated as a criminal and searched thoroughly. I would not want to live in a strictly controlled society where it is impossible to cause explosions. The intrusion into our personal lives would be too great - the state would know everything about us and be monitoring our every telephone call and email. Oops it is already here! I long to live in a free country where the government and the police leave us alone and we are rewarded for obeying the laws, rather than punished if we are caught breaking them. Maybe if we had less laws, but had meaningful and workable ones, where good behaviour was encouraged and rewarded, where parents brought up their kids properly and where everyone was respected and treated as decent citizens, terrorism would not be necessary. I can dream can't I?
• Israel
11 Sep 08
Well put! Maybe you should run for president lol?
11 Sep 08
Well I'm British and in the UK but would love to run for Prime Minister here! Just a shame I don't entirely agree with any of the three parties that stand any chance of getting elected in our unfair undemocratic first past the post winner takes all system of elected dictatorship!