school life

September 10, 2008 1:38pm CST
do you miss school life..?? i definitely do alot, what about u..
4 responses
@Ramyaa (62)
• India
12 Sep 08
I do miss my school life alot.If there is a time machine ,i would really like to go back to my school life.I miss my friends and my teachers alot.
@zykon84 (165)
• Portugal
10 Sep 08
I live'it a lot. Great parties, drink a lot, girls, good times indeed. I miss that days, now only work
@divinchris (2449)
• India
10 Sep 08
I do miss my school and college life a lot.They taught me how to live in this world and achieve great feats.Those are a wonderful memories.Happy to share my views here.Thank You
• United States
10 Sep 08
OMG I miss college, ALOT! I dont think there's enough money in the world to bribe me back to high school though lol. I seemed to work, non-stop, study, do all the xtra credit I could get my hands on and still only pulled off high C's and B's. It sucked. College was different, more one on one PLUS, you were always recognized for trying hard. It left me some time (finally) to have some fun lol.