Everything is Perfect.. Still not Working..

September 10, 2008 2:06pm CST
Hey guys. I am just confused. Can you just clear me my doubts??? I am participating actively over here. The discussions I have posted have reasonable amount of replies and people have rated me positive as well. My rank in mylot interest have increased from 240+ to 190+. And in other interests like people and life also there is a great increase in the rank. This is possible only if I get many + ratings. Even after getting these + ratings, why am I not getting my 10 in the star???
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• Indonesia
10 Sep 08
that's annoying huh? i also never get the blue guy. i stuck in this red star. i notice that mylotters will get 10 or blue start if her/his rating is not less than 95. sometimes even you will still red though you have 95 rating. but if you reach 96, i guess there is nothing keeping you from getting the blue star. well, i see your rating is only 93. that's why you still stay in the red star. but you are so close to it. just keep posting quality post and be nice, eventually the blue star will be yours. good luck!
• India
11 Sep 08
Oops. Some one marked me negative I guess. I had 94 yesterday and now its 93. Too bad. Hehe. Lol. Happy to have your response. Happy mylotting.
@intimate36 (1416)
• Pakistan
12 Sep 08
I think it is linked with quality posts...does not matters, how many discussions you start...and being active...and rating does matters.. This is my personal view..i am not an expert.....