The glass of milk on a certain chocolate bars logo - Half Empty or Half Full?

September 10, 2008 4:47pm CST
We were asked this the other day as part of a team building exercise at work. It was to look at whether we are an optimist or a pesimist in relation to work. Then we got to eat the chocolate afterwards!
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@IsisGreen (555)
11 Sep 08
The glass is more than half full. How can I be sure? The glass is pouring and it is not yet at a 45 degrees tilt. And just because I know you all love *that* snarl (0.46):
12 Sep 08
Don't you just love that advert!
13 Sep 08
How weird is that! I was talking to someone about MyLot and the conversation about the certain chocolate companies advert etc and the song (not the advert) came on the radio .... spooky!
14 Sep 08
Haha spooky indeed! It is odd how often this sort of thing seems to happen. However, I think it's rather that you do notice it when it does happen, but (obviously!) not when it doesn't happen. So you get a false sense that it happens "all the time". Nonetheless, wierd!
• India
11 Sep 08
First things first…lucky you!…I always love sessions which include free treats and goodies. Secondly…most logos are symbolic, so I don’t believe in them Thirdly (and for this discussion)…my glass is always half full, otherwise neither would I take it up and try to fill it completely nor would I pick it up ever to drink from it
11 Sep 08
me being the pesimist, I wouldn't pick a half empty glass up either .... you don't know who's been there before you! Having said that what could you add to the hal full glass to make it full again. Is this the optimist in me sneaking its way out again? But then again, the pesimist part pops up its weary little and yells "Yeah but what if they don't like it now"
@sandra966 (269)
• Spain
10 Sep 08
I like to think of myself as an optimist - half full type of girl, but I think the truth is that I'm more than a little pessimistic. For example, when my husband suggests a new home business, the first thing I say to him is but what if it doesn't work? What if we lose money on it? It's shame really, I want to say That's great, let's go for it, but I just can't. Guess I'm more half empty than half full. Can I eat the chocolate now too?
10 Sep 08
You'll have to fight me for the chocolate! But does that mean we'll be fighting for a nearly gone bar of chocolate or a half a bar ... lol ... I too like to think of myself as the optimist but am sure there's a little of the pesimist in me too. I always find myself asking what if and maybe, but does saying maybe reafirm my belief in that I'm the optimist?
@hiddenwing (3721)
• China
10 Sep 08
Every can be either optimist or pesimist. It always depends/ Believe it or not, if u are willing to take the chance, every sunset is different.