Continuing Story

@kyellis (105)
United States
September 10, 2008 6:48pm CST
Ive written the first part of a fiction story/novel. Let's have some fun with the next poster adding a paragraph to it. And then the next poster add a paragraph to their's. Let's see where it takes us. Just One More Time The sky was deep blue, the kind of color manufacturers are always trying to imitate, but never quite get it right. Thick whipped cream clowds hid the sun and the breeze was just chilled enough to notice it was there. The handmade zero-wind kite floating to the melody of nature was Joe's. I had no dobt, I'd know his workmanship anywhere at any distance. I remember first hearting the skids and bumps on the hard-packed clay. A pack of them full of testosterone spiked blood. They were following fifty or so yard behind me and closing. Kids always found a target and I was an easy one with my worn clothes slightly out of style. "C'mon Blue Baby, show us what's under that long skirt of yours." So, they had spotted me. My father named me Blue Bell after his hunting dog, a Blue Healer. It sounds kind of funny to be named after a dog. But, if you knew my father you'd know it made perfect sense as I always came second to the dog. I sped up my pace as much as I could without giving away my fear. I knew about animals and the fear factor. After all, I'd lived with an animal more ferocious than any in the wild. But dogs on the scent of a female aren't deterred easily. Joe had saved me countless times before. But, if I didn't start saving myself, I knew, I'd never find my way out of this rabbit hole my mother'd fallen into years before she had me. As I kept my eyes on the dazzling colors in Joe's kite, God help me, I wished he would save me just one more time.
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