Bad luck for three days: Is that even possible?

@joyadalia (1409)
September 10, 2008 6:49pm CST
Well, it was for me! It was three straight days of bad luck that made me re-think what I have done to deserve such luck. It happened these past three days, and I'm crossing my fingers that it won't happen today or that would really be a big problem. Monday. It all started with Monday. Somehow I did not hear the alarm clock and woke up a bit later than I was supposed to do for my 6AM job. I was late for 1 minute! That's bad luck #1 for that day. When I opened my computer, it crashed - does that count as #2? Then when it was back online, I picked up the file that I should work on and lo and behold it was full of equations! That's bad luck #3 (we hate doing files with equations because they're extremely difficult to copyedit). I ended up with doing that file the whole day - just that single file, and we are supposed to make at least 5! That's bad luck #4. After work, I have some online writing jobs that I do at home. However, there was power failure and I wasn't able to work on them in the afternoon. That's #5. Because my deadline was at 8pm, I had to make all the 6 articles from 5pm to 8pm! I ended up passing the files a little later than 8pm. Then my client returned a file for re-write and I had to pass it before the night ends! That's bad luck #6! Tuesday. I woke up later than I did on Monday and ended up 13 minutes late! That's #1. Then I opened a file and it was full of equations again! That's #2. It was shorter than the file the previous day so I finished it earlier and was able to make 2 files that day. In the afternoon, when my husband fetched me from work, the motorcycle had a flat tire and we had it vulcanized - that's #3! It took about 1 hour and I had already wasted precious time for another batch of assignment for my online job. Then, I still have to help my cousin set up his internet connection and it ended up a flop - no connection whatsoever even though he lives in the center of the city! Well, that's #4. We went home and I was ready to do my online writing job when the power went out (again!) - that is definitely bad luck #5! It was not supposed to be a problem because I am using a laptop computer but my brother had used it earlier and forgot to plug it so it had very very low battery power - that's #6. I cried and cried and cried so hard when I realized that it was almost 6PM and I have not even finished 1 file and 8PM (my deadline) was very near. I guess that's #7. One good luck for the day is that my client understood (hopefully) my situation and allowed me to pass the delayed files at 9PM. Wednesday. I didn't expect to be late because my husband was supposed to wake up early this day as he will be going to work. However, he did not wake up on his alarm but at 6AM - and my work is at 6AM. Bad luck #1. Because of #1, I was late for 20 minutes - #2. I didn't have any problems with equations in my files today but I just managed to make only 3 files - that's #3. I though it was going to be an alright day and went home and slept for an hour before starting to tackle my online assignment but then I had the most sever dysmenorrhea attack that almost made me faint! So, can I count three bad lucks for that? Anyway, let's just count it as #4. Because of #4, I was not able to work on time and ended up passing the files at an all time late on 2 hours plus! That's bad luck #5 which was perhaps the worst of all because it shattered my credibility and reliability to my client. Thursday. So, here I am on Thursday with no bad luck signs yet. I woke up early and was not late (well, I came in at 6:00AM but that is not late). I'm still crossing my fingers that the bad luck spree has hopefully ended. How about you? Have you had such a very unlucky series of days as I had this week? I hope not.
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@judy43 (299)
• United States
11 Sep 08
sounds like three bad days for you. I hope you can rest some now and get caught up
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@joyadalia (1409)
• Philippines
11 Sep 08
Yes, I'm planning to go straight to bed this afternoon just so the bad luck would end .