The next Joker? Who could replace Heath Ledger?

September 10, 2008 11:38pm CST
After Heath Ledger's outstanding, and legendary portrayal of the Joker. Who do you think could be a good choice if ever they would make another Batman Movie that casts Joker as a Villain. I think since Ledger's performance in the movie, many also agreed that his portrayal is one of the best ever, performances of all time villains. Especially when he died, he was remembered as the face of the Joker. For you guys who do you think could be the next Joker? talent wise and aesthetically wise? I thnk in my opinion, Brad Pitt could do it, but not match ledger. I've seen brad pitt act on several movies and I can see talent in him especially when I've seen FIGHT CLUB, his character is similar to Joker and I think he could somehow pull of to be the next Joker.