What is your reason for using PTC sites? The lure behind them....

@minx267 (14645)
Hartford, Connecticut
September 11, 2008 2:00am CST
I am trying hard to figure out the lure of click sites.. I see people who sit in front of there computer for hours and days and even months on end Click these ads.. For what $10-15 bucks (maybe after a month) and then wait months if ever for a payout. Isn't this discouraging. I know it was when I did it. I found precisely 1 that paid me $1 5x. that was it. I earned a bit from survey sites.. all is discouraging I even went to Yuwie because they lure you in with hope of payment but after 6 months i have $3.44 in my account. But now I found a site 2 weeks ago that pays $4 for referral, $3 for your friends referral and $2 for 3rd level referral. And Residual income to boot.. I have been paid by them after only 8 days there and they pay EVERY 2 WEEKS! not after months of clicking- months of waiting... I had earned there $12 in 36 hours and was promptly paid and now 1 week later I have $21 dollars in my acct already... Yet I find it hard to convince people to Join the site that proved that it paid. Instead people would rather waste there time Clicking Forever. So please someone explain to me the LURE of PTC Click sites. Is it because it is Mindless work? or Because you can just sit and click and still watch the Television at the same time...lol I have done that.. What? I just want to know!
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@bridgetl (14)
• United States
11 Sep 08
I would love to know more about your site. I am in the same boat. I have tried surveys, but they take so much time, and usually just an entry in the sweepstakes. Tell me more about yours.
@minx267 (14645)
• Hartford, Connecticut
11 Sep 08
ok I will send you info - right away! Thank you for your response bridget!