China Famous Tea(B)

September 11, 2008 3:58am CST
3. Taiping Huangshan MAO Feng Huangshan in Anhui Province MAO Feng tea produced in the south Pacific County, Xixian County, north of Huangshan. Huangshan tea on the distribution of the MAO Feng Yun Gusi, Pine Valley Um, Um suspension bridge, 1,200 meters above sea level Ciguang Ge and the Temple of the semi-around of tea every day immersion in clouds of steam-Xia Wei, Chaya extra fat, soften and refine,leaves hypertrophy, perishable-resistant foam, The aroma of Fuyu, the sweet taste of alcohol, a tea in the Shangpin.Huangshan tea Preparing a fine, have a clear understanding that to Lixia for the picking period, the mining Yatou and come back fresh leaves to carry otu the election tick, Tiqu one of the older leaves, stems ,buds absorbling. In the production, according to Yaye quality,temperature control fixing, will not be red stems, autumn leaves and fixing the uneven not thoroughly; first hightemperature fire after low, gradually declining, leaves a uniform temperature, physical and chemical changes unanimously. Whenever the season tea, tea factory near the smell again and Qingxiang. Huangshan MAO Feng quality are: Chen Shui-bian slightly curly fine shape, Zhuangruqueshe Phi Yinhao, with Xianghuang Tangse clear, lasting aroma like BRAND. 4. Anxin Teguanyin a Qingcha category, is one of China's famous Oolong tea. Anxin Teguanyin tea produced in Anxi County, Fujian Province. Anxi Teguanyin tea has a long history, known as Cha Wang said. It contains, Anxin Teguanyin tea origin stem-Yongzhengnianjian (1725--1735). Anxi County in the mountaimous, warm climate, adequate rainfall, lush growth of tea, the tea plant variety, Chaziyanhong, Guanjun the country. Anxin Teguanyin tea , tea 1,2001 recoverable, the Chuncha, summer tea, tea and Summer, Autumn tea. Chuncha to the quality of tea is the best. The Tieguanyin oolong tea production processes and the general system of law is basically the same, but to shake a few more green ,cool green shorter. In the evening, the former general drying bulue ,green overnight shake, cool blue, the next day morning to complete fermentation, and then by rubbing baking speculation, which lasted a day and night. Their production processes into the drying green, shake Green, cool blue, fixing, cutting kneading and baking early, kneading package, rehabilitation drying and drying processes 9 excellent quality of the tea ANXI Tieguanyin cable fat tight end, quality-such as iron, sand Lotus Green Obviously, the Green Beattie green, red Dianming, sweet fragrance, sweet mellow Xianshuang, has a unique taste , sweet recollection of rich, Chong 7,foam still Yuxiang: Tangse golden, Yedi hypertrophy soft, Yan Liang uniform and red leaf edge, the green heartrimmed.
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