Name and Shame Websites - Good or Bad?

South Africa
September 11, 2008 3:58am CST
I just recently came accross a new website called "Do Not Date Him". Yes, you guessed it. It allows women to post the names and pictures of men with whom they have had very bad relationship experiences with. They can then tell their story, which ranges from emotional and physical abuse by these men to stealing their money. The aim is to warn other women against dating these men. Yes, I hear you say. Nothing new. But. Do these sites not open a potential pandorra's box? What stops me from posting on this site, in the process ruining the reputation of some poor guy I might have a grudge with? Where are the checks and balances? Yes, it can be useful. Yes, it might even save somebody out there a lot of heart-ache. I just think it leaves too much room for abuse. What do you think?
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@lelebei (16)
• China
11 Sep 08
I just hope those words to the bad guys are impersonal? but will it be possible? it's really a difficult question to answer!
• South Africa
11 Sep 08
That's just it. The words are not impersonal at all. Going through a bad relationship is after all a very emotional affair. I really don't think the concept is bad. I just believe there should be some kind of verification process to make sure somebody is not unjustly attacked. People might well think that its just one little website. Who's going to know in any case? But it is exactly sites like these where the word spreads like wildfire and people take whatever is written on these sites as gospel.
@a_ali14 (49)
• Pakistan
12 Sep 08
Yes You are absolutely right on this one.It will become a abuse room. And after all what is logic or point behind such a website.A new method of marketing I guess.