9/11 World Trade Centre.

9/11 victims. - Presenting these picture to salute the victims and heroes/volunteers who was part of the disaster. A day that everyone would not forget. THe memories would stay on in some hearts. Commemorating them for their attribution .

September 11, 2008 7:25am CST
I would like to commemorate the heroes and volunteers who helped out during the catastrophe disaster on September 11. A disaster that left many in tears and despair. People whom contributed their parts to save the life of others who was trapped in the US World Trade centre. Some might left the Earth, but their soul would still remain on some of us. I was not present there but that fateful day, I had a glimpse on the TV about these disaster which shock many even in my country. Some were cry out and some were disappointed. These mighty people who contributed themselves is now a legend that everyone knows. So what have you got to say?
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