how did you value your friend?

September 11, 2008 7:35am CST
I have a friend before who happened to be one of my closest buddy. later on, he changed a lot or i just misinterpreted him since he is away from me and our contact had eventually lost. my question now is? 1. how did you retain the value of such friendship considering of distance? 2. does it really normal that the closeness you had established will gone down? 3. what will you do if this will happen also on your case?
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11 Sep 08
there are times that you can regain your closeness but sometimes it's just lost. if you guys had a really good friendship then more than likely you'll be able to have it again. if you guys were already on the rocks then maybe it's for the best that you just let it go. it just depends. i think it varies from person to person. you know?
@rainmark (4306)
11 Sep 08
I have a friends which are now far away from me.Sometimes we can say that distance change anything,but that depends on the person.Some people value thier friends and think they are still close friends in behalf of the distance but some, they just forget. If that happened to me, i don't bothered myself about it.Maybe i just going to send him/her a sms and say hello and talk about a reunion oneday.