Where were you and what were you doing on Sept 11?

United States
September 11, 2008 9:18am CST
I remem8er getting ready for work when news of the 1st plane hit. It was on a few stations as an accident. Sad news yet nothing overwhelming. Then as I got into work my 8oss was sitting there with the t.v. on almost in tears. I had never seen her so emotional. Then I looked around and noticed no one was in the shop with us. As a matter a fact it seemed like no one was out anywhere. The parking lot in our town square was empty. When I finally realized the seriousness of the events, the 1st tower fell. It seemed like my heart fell as well. I couldnt 8reathe, it was happening in different places. Flights were cancelled, traveling ceased, lifes were changing in the 8link of an eye. Who would do something so horrid and why? I saw the people jumping from the 8uildings and people running from the glass, smoke and dust. I wasnt there, yet I felt like running. We didnt leave work until closing even though not a single person showed up that day. People made vows to live their lives to the fullest that day and not take things for granted 8ut are we? Can we say that we are living to our fullest potential daily? Or did the memory of the events that day fade along with our vows and empty promises?
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