I Wish Harry Potter will extend there movie existence.....

September 11, 2008 9:44am CST
Is it ok for you that "Harry Potter" would end there movie existence? Do you want to miss The Greatest Witch Craft School?..... The Greatest Wizardy Story ever?.... Chaosz013 Speaks:I've been a avid fan of that movie since i was a kid.....and im sure you too....^^... Whenever i view that movie...even again and again...i will not get tired of viewin and viewin that such great movie... I wish you would support the Harry Potter movie.... and all of the fan's there still support harry potter!!!!good luck to us all... Wish Harry Potter would Continue More.....
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• China
11 Sep 08
unless I still support harry potter I think even the film have finished somenday,I'll still support it,I'll read the book again and again,watch films again and again~~ I imagine when I was 60,I introduce harry potter to my grandson^-^
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• Philippines
12 Sep 08
yeah haha thanks for supportin' hahah...i truely love that such great film...i'll do that o...coz it's one of the greatest and can be a legendary WitchCraft movie that ever released on 20th century...OA right hahahah...but thats the truth
12 Sep 08
I acutally have 3 little daughters who are absolutly addicted to harry potter. my 8 year old is now on the fourth book and she is only in the 3rd grade, my other two can quote movie 1-5 by heart its great that HP is such a big part of our family.