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United States
September 11, 2008 11:40am CST
Have you ever had strange coincidences happen, that seem to come when you least expect it, that might even seem like a miracle? It might be fun to list some of them. These kind of things have happened all my life. They've helped my faith, though I am religious in an unconventional kind of way. Here is my example..........You share with me another: At Christmas time we husband and 3 children and grandchildren,and family friend drove 45 miles away to a Hotel open on Xmas day. We drove in separate cars, as the children are grown and came from other houses. When My husband and I reached the parking lot, it was virtually empty, ....but he parked right where there was a beer bottle. He got out of the car with the car still running and slammed the door. I got out and "locked and slammed the door." I was IN TROUBLE, as the keys were in the car and the car was still running. My husband was hot! To make a long long story shorter, ......we went into the hotel. My husband, oldest daughter and her friend went and sat in the pool area waiting for myself and other daughter to drive 45 minutes home to get the keys, ...and 45 minutes to return with them. (Police and key people are hard to get Xmas morning, to say the least.) They would never have been in the pool area if I had not locked the car door with the car running. .......Anyways, a little girl came running by the pool area and somehow slipped and fell into the pool. My husband and my daughter's friend,Heather, suddenly realized she could not swim. Heather ended up jumping into the pool and saving her. By the time my one daughter Lani and I returned with the keys, the buffet was finished! We ended up going to a Casino to eat, of the few places open. We considered this a Xmas Miracle. So many coincidences had happened!
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