Paypal and moneybookers , which one do you prefer?

@Jenaisle (3803)
September 11, 2008 11:45am CST
I have aplied for both and now they're asking me to add my debit/credit card number. Both are available in my country. Which one do you recommend? May I know the reasons too? Thanks for any input from you. I would appreciate it a lot. God bless.
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• United States
13 Sep 08
I have a PayPal account. I had problems with PayPal in the first year and a half. Someone was able to access my account and changed somethings. Of course, I was notified. Ever since then I have been reluctant to use it. I trust PayPal from websites I trust. I ordered a CD I waited a month. I had to call the website, they said I never ordered. Of this is the reason why you keep track of all your billing transactions you do online or every where else. I got my CD. But PayPal I am very skeptical about, so be extremely careful. I do not know what a money bookers are or did you mean money brokers? A rule of thumb: Be careful where you use your cards. NEVER FORGET TO READ THE FINE PRINT, you know,the print that you have to use Zoom up to 125%, its that small.
• United Kingdom
11 Sep 08
Hi, I don't know anything about moneybookers as I have never used them. I use paypal though and I am very happy with them! I think that paypal is probably the most recognized. I find them very secure and I have not experienced any technical glitches or anything. This is my view, but I recommend you sign up with paypal. Goodluck. Andrew
@nilzerous1 (2435)
• India
11 Sep 08
I'll always advise for Paypal as I find it more convenient to handle. Majority of the stores accept Paypal payment. Receiving payments with Paypal is also easier as so far as I have seen most of the people ask for my Paypal email id. Although I think it depends also on the network of people with whom you are expected to trade.
@winzpc (2356)
• Indonesia
11 Sep 08
I think I will choose the paypal one, because it can be withdraw to my bank that located in my place. Because I also known more about paypal than moneybookers. Keep post Happy myLotting...