9/11 here again- part 2

@kassdaw (593)
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September 11, 2008 3:30pm CST
Not every part of the conspiracies that float around 9/11 have answers. Some are just general questions that no can or will answer. So Let's look at the most common questions: 1. In 2001, did cell phones work at 30,000 feet? 2. How many hijackings were attempted? 3. How many fights were diverted? 4. Was there an air defense standdown? 5. Did flight 93 crash at 10:06 or 10:03? 6. Was flight 93 shot down? 7. Why did so many lifes have to be effected that day? I am not saying that I don't think about all the families that have been destroyed. I am effected by 9/11 daily, I have family in the military that it always seems as though someone is in Iraq fighting because of 9/11. I just think that it's a fight we don't need to be in. We are killing people who are defending their selves and their country because our country attacked itself.
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@sedel1027 (17854)
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11 Sep 08
Aren't there more questions than that, like why does - I believe it is United Airlines - have a plane in operation that has the SAME number as one of their planes that crashed. The entire problem with the whole "terrorist" idea is that they don't have enough proof and even the "proof" has more holes than swiss cheese. I believe that the crashes, along with the "nuclear weapons" that were found, was just a reason for the US to go handle some other kind of business that had to be dealt with. Maybe I am just paranoid but the government does all kind of messed up things and they don't give a second thought to killing people for their own purposes, so why would this situation be any different?