Can We Make More Money by Combining Online and Offline Activities? If So, How?

September 12, 2008 2:15am CST
Most people want to make more money, by the way, I'm no exception, lol. The quesion is how? Some guys try to rake in bucks by posting online like in mylot, some do awarded surveys, some sell goods online, and more are making their money in real life. Sometimes I can't help wondering whether it's possible for us to combine online and offline advantages together to produce more profits. Naturally, I feel there must be some ways, only we haven't discovered them. So by this thread, I'd like to start a disscussion about how to do so. Have you any idea? Let's have a brainstorming and come up woth some goegeous ideas. Then all of us can benefit from them. Don't you think so? Then come on, tell us what's in your mind.
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