i think the hero should not have died. your opinion?

September 12, 2008 3:39am CST
the hero should not have died. It gave a sad ending what do you think?
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@rina312 (296)
12 Sep 08
yea but he is still a hero because he sacrifice his life to save others :)
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• India
12 Sep 08
yes that is true but after watching such a fantastic movie one should say while coming out of the theatre "hush!! at last !!... all's well that ends well"
@chinniR (661)
• India
13 Sep 08
hi there, i like to watch the movie a lot of times. but every time i cry in the climax. but it shows the true love that he had for her and also he sacrificed his life just to keep her alive. that's something which is very rare. i never expected such a ending in that movie when i saw it the first time. but still it's a very good movie
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@Satine (2)
• Indonesia
20 Sep 08
Well, not all movies have to have a happy ending. Certainly it makes us happier when they do, but sad endings can be amazing too. Also, wasn't this based on a true story? If it means the sinking ship part is true story and the love story isn't, then I guess that makes sense, I just always thought the whole movie was a true story.) The ending is actually one of the best things about the movie I think. Besides, there's sort of a happy ending scene at the very end with the ship being rebuild in a heaven-like place and Rose descending the stairs to meet Jack.. It was a very beautiful scene that I think made up for the sad ending. It's a perfect movie as it is, in my opinion!
• India
21 Sep 08
It is a great movie indeed but I feel that only if they had some good idea, both might have saved each others lives. i.e. If they could have exchanged their positions on the plank for sometime both had chances of staying alive and living happily everafter like a normal king and queen story....