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September 12, 2008 4:13am CST
Any fellow psoriasis sufferers outthere? What treatments have you found that work best for you? Also did you find your diet effected your skin?
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12 Sep 08
Hello, I'm a fellow psoriasis suffer. My first outbreak happened when I was going on 14 years old. I tend to stay away from the treatments you get from a doctor, just because to me it seems the side effects far out weigh the benefits. So I just take a sea salt bath twice daily and drench myself using Vaseline total conditioning lotion. Baby oil was helping to, but got tired of feeling like a greased up! Recently I did change my diet, as to noticing any effects from it, it's too soon to really tell.
12 Sep 08
I found when I cut out meat and dairy that my psoriasis almost completely cleared. I cannot have citrus fruits either as they aggravate my skin but on the whole it stays under control at the moment. Changes in temperature and stress are the main factors for me now. I agree with what you say abuot the treatments from the doctor - I don't like too many chemicals.
@toodesi (24)
22 Oct 08
best treament that worked for me is , keep your skin mosturized and i take soriatane and prednisone. found changes in a week. im 13 and i had psoriasis for 6 months. i think i might actually get rid of it
12 Sep 08
Hi witchywillow, I don't kinow any one who has that problem, it could be caused by their diet because certain food effects the skins like prawns or cheese, it coulde be dairy products could effect as well. Tamara