Suggested 'preference' on notifications

September 12, 2008 11:46am CST
I think it is really good to have all boxes checked in one's account information, and under notification tab. I find it quite easy to reply to discussions and to replies on my own discussions. It does save time. But i also think that this is not advisable for those "post, post, post, no-looking-back" members because it will surely waste their time. They just start a discussion, and leave it to develop on its own without checking out the replies even their own friends have made. And they also leave remarks that are reply-worthy but don't bother to read the replies. Well since i am the type who is really 'involved' in my own discussions (because i started it, hello?) then i should always be updated on replies to my posts. And receiving alerts as soon as replies are posted makes things easier for me and enables me to save time from "surfing" in the site when i have posts in my discussions to reply to.
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