Earning Question

@sidyboy (284)
United States
September 12, 2008 5:36pm CST
Does a users rating effect the amount of money they get? For instance, if someone with a star of 3 posted a response to a thread would they get less than someone who had a star of 10 who posted the same thing? Also, does adding tags to your discussion responses help you earn?
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@foxyfire33 (10009)
• United States
13 Sep 08
The star and earnings are both dependant on quality but not technically on each other. A person with a low star generally (but not always) posts low quality posts. Those low quality posts generally earn less than high quality posts. So overall a person who makes posts worthy of a 3 star is most likely making less money than one who posts 10 star quality posts. However... that doesn't apply to everyone. Some users have been attacked by trolls or have willingly allowed their star to be lowered. Those users are still making high quality posts and earning respectively despite their low star. Others earned low stars as beginners who didn't really know what they should do here. Once they learned they began posting better discussions and earning accordingly. Stars take time to rise so their "new behavior" make take awhile to be reflected in the star. On the other hand a person with a 10 star could start posting nonsense and they will certainly not get paid at their normal 10 star level.
• Japan
12 Sep 08
I am not sure of it because we really don't know how myLot compute our earnings. But I have a feeling that it does affect our earnings just a little. Earnings is greatly affected by the number of posts we make so don't worry about the ratings. It will just go up as you post more and more discussions. You'll just never know. I believe tagging does not affect our earnings. It is only a way of organizing myLot discussions.
• Canada
12 Sep 08
I have no idea.. But i guess so! Im new here to. But I wish i could help. Very good question. Please answer!