@Keola12 (717)
United States
September 12, 2008 6:05pm CST
Shakespeare is my all time favorite writer. He's prolific and gets to the deepest, darkest places within the realms of human consciousness and captures the essence of the human soul, such as he does with MacBeth. Lady MacBeth convinces her husband to kill so he can gain power and the throne and rule the land. After so many killings Lady MacBeth participates in with her husband. She goes insane, in that her dream state and her awakend state intertwine with her nightmares. She makes the motions of washing her hands, because she tries to rid them of the blood from hers and her husbands victims of whom they killed. No matter how clean her hands are, she can't rid herself of death she participated in causing; therefore, in her own eyes, her hands are never rid of the blood. This is a sign that her conscience bothers her. And she sees the evil in what she has done. There is a woman who overhears Lady MacBeth talking to herself in her sleep and says things she should not be repeating. The woman who hears Lady MacBeth tells another woman about it. In the end, Lady MacBeth's husband is power driven. Where he was a once good hearted, descent humanbeing, he has transformed to a vile, wicked man who would do anything to get more and more power, and he didn't care how he had to go about getting it. This is because he no longer had a conscience or compassion for his fellow humanbeing. Lady MacBeth had created a monster out of her own husband. And she is defeated by her own insanity.
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@dodo19 (34314)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
14 Sep 08
Shakespeare is an amazing playwright. In his plays, we see things that not many playwrights or writers seem to do. There is a certain depth to his plays, stories, characters, you name it. Which, for me, makes it enjoyable and a pleasure to read. Everything has its complexity and his plays and their complexity seem to even be different from each other, which adds to the pleasure of reading Shakespeare's plays, in my opinion.
@underdogtoo (9599)
• Philippines
14 Sep 08
I studied Shakespeare in high school and every one of his plays amazes me in the depth of his understanding of human nature. What makes him stand out is the volume of work attributed to him and the consistent high quality of them. Shakespeare rocks!!