vote for the good of our country

United States
September 12, 2008 9:34pm CST
WE need to put things to the side and start getting to the facts. we have our own american people in poverty, need of shelters, and need of jobs. So why are we taking so much of our food and resources to other countries when our own are in need of it. doesnt really make sense. I think we should make sure our country's people are ok before others get help. Besides who really helps up besides the un? It seems like all the countries are in for it self and we are the ones that are suffering in the end. we are the ones always to come to the rescue so whos coming to our rescue to help us out in our gas crisis, and other problems. Maybe if we stop helping others and help our selves first our economy and people we would be an even better country. i dont understand why we always help out with everything when there is a crisis but when we have a crisis we get a kick in the *****. please i would love to hear someone tell me the story on this one. lol.
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