Does Your Best Friend Ever Make You Angry and If So, How Do You Handle It?

United States
September 12, 2008 10:38pm CST
I am 43 years of age until October and then I turn 44. I have this friend who is more of a brother. I have known him for 5 + years and no matter what he does or what he says, it is hard for me to get angry. What I do is try to make him understand my issues and what it is that I am saying and then try to either change the subject and let him know that that is what I am doing. This irritates him, but so be it. It is better to leave the issue that has made us mad at one another than to continue on with it as we both have worked on and successfully I might add. My brother and best friend are very much alike, having many of the same interests as well as likes and dislikes. We come from different backgrounds as his lies in having a Latino background, whereas my background lies in being born a Jew and converting to Christianity. This is how I met my best friend Alex and he really has led me to believe that after so many friendships, he is one that has allowed me to realize that he is lifelong. We have our own schedules leaving us little time to hang out like we used to as he and his wife are having their second child in January 2009. (Congratulations!) Anyway, there is no other friend that I would go into battle with or take a bullet for. At the same time, lately, we have been having little arguments. Why? Because we are going into a venture that will utilize both of our talents. His is in music and public speaking. Mine is in writing and being creative and talking with people to help him develop relationships with churches and other groups where he can witness for the Lord through his singing and his excellent work at delivering the spoken word. He is inspirational through his music and through his speaking. We talk each and every morning and most of our conversations lately have centered around the ministry we are working on starting. The Book of James in the New Testament speaks of how to deal with anger. We both, because of our backgrounds, could be considered a bit over-tempered, yet, we both bring each other back to earth. I always remind myself of what James says about anger and how it not only hurts the individual delivering the anger, but the person who is the victim of it. Words are enough to hurt no matter what people believe. We just have to tame our tongues sometimes and know that all is great through the works of the Lord Jesus Christ. Alex and I find a way to keep each other calm even when things appear to be getting out of hand. We talk about scripture; we pray. Sometimes, we just get in the car and head for the mountains for a day and reflect on what God has given us. Sitting by the campfire at night is nothing short of great. The stress leaves the body and enters the fire and nothing is better. This is our way of bonding with the Lord and it feels great! Friendships for some come a dime a dozen. Not for Alex and I. I have the best friend, the best brother a man can ask for and I hope that you, my fellow MyLotters have the same relationships.
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