Your my hurricane forever

Thinking about love while waiting on hurricane Ike - Thinking about love while waiting on hurricane Ike to hit
United States
September 12, 2008 10:54pm CST
Waiting on Hurricane Ike is like waiting on love. Your waiting to see whether it will hurt or whether it just a mirage again. Will this be the time it hits hard or will it bypass me again?Im sitting, waiting, wondering did I prepare my heart? Will I be able too withstand its power when it hits. Is this the time? Will the sunshine shine the same after? Will the birds chirp the same? Will the grass glow as green? Is this your anger God for something I did or did not do?If I stand in the middle of its eye will you answer me?Waiting on this Hurricane is like being love especially when your not here. Strand me in your arms forever. Let yours waves take me away. You are the storm of my art in sunshine. Yor are the answer in my rainbow of dreams. You are my hurricane forever without you there's always a storm in my heart.
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