Why mother's are always being left...and fathers are always living them behind..

September 12, 2008 11:43pm CST
I'm one of those children whose being left by their father...those fathers are not doing their responsibility as a father....they just want to be happy with themselves....thingking only of themselves....and hanging with other womens....im so disappointed to all mens out there who are doing thats such stupid thing....are agree with me?....then reply to this discussion...
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@izzybutt (30)
• United States
13 Sep 08
I'm really sorry to hear that. I know how that hurts. But, let me give you something to consider. Generally, Dads are not about leaving their kids. It usually has more to do with Mom & Dad's relationship. Sometimes they simply can't live together, and unfortunately the ones who pay for that are the children. Sometimes, parents stay together only for the kids' sakes, which can be just as devastating for the kids. There aren't any instances I know of, where a man says to his wife "Wow honey, I really love you, but I can't stand my kids, so I'm leaving them!" Do you know what I'm saying. And then, you have other events, like Mom or Dad being unfaithful which destroys the family. And they may love their spouse and children, but they had poor judgment, and because of it everyone suffers. There are so many possibilities. But even though I don't know you, I have children (2 daughters), and I just don't want you to carry it in your heart that your Dad left YOU. Nor should you carry the notion or any guilt, that it was your fault that he left. It just isn't so. Take care. post and let me know how you're doing, ok?
• Philippines
13 Sep 08
Yep youre right....im just being covered with hatred....becoz my father doesn't do any responsibility as a father...im so sorry becoz i know there are some fathers whos faith is always there for their wives....like you do....