September 13, 2008 12:29am CST
If you've given a chance to go back to your past life, what are the things that you wanted to change in your life and why??????
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@Anne18 (11036)
14 Sep 08
There are loads of things in my past that I don't like, wish hadn't happened etc. But if i had a chance to go back and change anything I wouldn't. Because if I did I then wouldn't have what I have today. What I have today is very important to me and I want what I have today so that means the stuff in the past has made me the person I am today and I really like the person I am today and love my husband and children very much so to change thnigs would mean i wouldn't get them. So although I had a rough horrid time in places it has made me the strong person I am today so wouldn't change anything