I'm so sad, What should I do to cheer up?

@airl1527 (355)
September 13, 2008 9:25am CST
18 days ago, I rented a house which cost me 8800 yuan a year. But then, I found a better house and returned the house, but the house-owner only returned 6700 yuan to me. 2100 yuan, 1 house, only 18 days. I lost so much money. I hate the house-owner. I consulted a lawyer. The lawyer said what the house-owner asked was unreasonable. But what can I do? The house-owner is an official in the government. So, I am very sad. What should I do?
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@jonesy123 (3950)
• United States
13 Sep 08
Yes, you were probably cheated out of your money. But consider this, if you hire an attorney and go to court, it will cost you, too. Probably more than what you end up recovering. If you signed a lease, you need to read each passage and make sure what the costs may be, if you break the lease. The landlord will claim loss of rent, because instead of to you, he could have rented the house out to somebody else. It's not like somebody will move in the next day. So, for a house to be rented out, you have to tag on at least a month to two of what you will reasonably owe because you broke the lease. Chalk it up as a lesson learned. Don't rent until you are sure this is the place you want. If you have to have a place now, make sure it's in the lease that you can end the lease whenever. Best is anyway to rent on a month to month basis.
@airl1527 (355)
• China
14 Sep 08
Thank you for your response, my friend. What you said is reasonable. thank you. Now, i feel better. I will follow your advice and chalk it up as a lesson. If fact, when i rented the house, i signed a lease. But i don't know much about "lease", i didn't notice that were loopholes. I really wanted to live in the house for a year at first, so i didn't mention in the lease what i should do if I stopped the lease. Now, I rent another house. I pay the owner every quarter. Although the house is smaller than the former, i like it. It is near my workplace. As you mentioned, it is a lesson. From the point of view, i think the lesson worths 2100 yuan. Thank you, again.