Palin Against Abortion in any Case...Is she NUTS?

@gwoman2 (711)
United States
September 13, 2008 9:32am CST
Now this is very, very, very controversial! How long did it take for Roe Vs Wade to become law? What about the women, like myself--I've been raped, sodomized, stabbed, beat to a pulp and left for dead on 3, yeah 3 seperate occasions in NYC... Yes, became pregnant every time...Do myLotters think I would want to keep a baby born from rape? I said NO--because I had a CHOICE--Thank God! Yes, I fully understand that no baby asks to be born, and life is precious...BUT... why would I want to keep a soul born from rape? As it is I am 55 and can NEVER forget...I still have nightmares and am very skeptical about men and trust in them...if I am walking down or up a lonely street and a man is coming my way...any man...I immediately switch over to survival mode...and hold my gun in one hand and a knife in the other...should any woman have to live her life this way? And what would this child's life have been like? Palin says: "Adoption measures"--well this too is controversial--not all persons are qualified to adopt, as a matter of fact many, many people view adoption as a form of income! Yeah, that's right, I said it, and it's true--I have seen and see many poor children being treated like manure and neglected and abused, but they sure as hell cash that monthly allotment check and spend it on themselves! It makes me sick...What about you myLotters? What do you think?
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@savmot (261)
13 Sep 08
Is it terribly nasty of me to wish people like her had to go through even half of what you have been through and then be forced to keep the child. I am 99% anti-abortion for myself. I would love to believe I would keep a child whatever the situation, but without having been through any of the different issues that may arise I couldn't say. I am 100% pro-choice for everybody else.