Decision, determines LOVE....

September 13, 2008 10:00am CST
It is not DESTINY that determines LOVe, it is CHOICE... Our so called destiny is a LIE... Relationships last long not because they're destined to last long.. relationships last long because two brave people made a choice to keep it, to fight for it and to work for it.. Meanwhile, other relationships fail not because they're destined to fail.. they failed because one of the two, or both, made the choice to set each other free... :-( any comment???
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@joy4you (641)
• India
16 Sep 08
I agree with you, we are the decisions we make. It is only when two people decide to love each other unconditionally can a relationship truly flourish.
• Philippines
17 Sep 08
yah...I agree with you...tanx for the respond...
@indiandevil (2098)
• Rothesay, New Brunswick
13 Sep 08
I have to disagree, sorry. I believe you are somewhat right, I guess. It is true, that choices have something to do with it. Though Destiny guides us, by the choices we make. A couple can make choices, and if it is mean to be, thoughs choices come through in the end. Sometimes People are only destined to be together for a short time, before moving on, in this case they were meant to meet, but it wasn't meant to be forever, so these couples can make the same choices with no end result. Example, my mothers sister met her first husband when she was only 15, she eventually married him, and they stayed married for 13 years, despite the horrible things he did to her. From day one they had tried to have a child, but her period had just mysteriously disapeared, out of the blue, poof gone. At like 16 years old. The doctors believed her not to be child bearing, after 13 years, my aunt had enough and left that man. About a year later, he met another woman, had a child with her and has been with her for 8 years. They seem to get along fine. Now the baffling part of this, About a year or so after she left him, my aunts period, re surfaced. A few years afterward, she met a man. They dated for a while and in 2003, she ended up Pregnant. Everyone was shocked, except me, who was also pregnant shortly afterward. YOu see destiny, stopped her from bearing children because she was not suppose to have a child, in that point of her life, with that man she was with. Now she has a child because for some reason she was destined to have a child late in life, he is 3 months older then my son. He will be 4 yrs old next month. She and his father are no longer together, however it is appearent to me they were destined to be together a short time, in order for her to have her miracle baby.
• Philippines
13 Sep 08
You said that she had enough coz she can't bear a child and leave her first man...see? she made her choice that change her life...if she never leave that man, that could have been the father of his baby...
• Indonesia
13 Sep 08
I am absolutely agree with you. We are human being who are given a privilledge to choose. We are not a robot which destiny is defined by human as the creator. I really like your definition of long lasting relationship. It's purely your choice whether you want to work for your relatinoship or not. Destiny is only a word people use to make an excuse. The word that is used as a scape goat for not trying to work it out and fight for it.
• Philippines
13 Sep 08
Yeah...but people use destiny as an excuse to escape from sad...