@rainmark (4306)
September 13, 2008 12:40pm CST
Guys what happened to burnbux. i was shocked when i open the website. And this is what i've read. "Hi users! If you want to help the site to come back you have to send 5$ eachone, you can send the money at this address: nandorballa@yahoo.com It is neccesary to send at least 20 users to reopen the site!" Any ideas about it?What's the matter with this site?
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@pau_79 (793)
• Philippines
14 Sep 08
simply put it-its a scam. if he really want to reopen the site he dont have to ask for money.
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@insulin (2483)
• Philippines
16 Sep 08
Well It turn into scam obviously and that is really rude to pay 5 dollars Just forget about that site..:-0 GOd bless and have a nice day.:-0
@pehpot (4762)
• Philippines
14 Sep 08
oh it seems that they are just scamming you. I heard from another user about this, and she or he has still pending payments from the site.
@smilyn (2964)
• United States
14 Sep 08
Yet another friend at mylot also has started a topic about burnbux yesterday.It is yet another scam site. .If the people do not have enough funds to run the site, it is shame on them . It is more shame to ask the visitors to pay money to run their site. I have never seen a site that asks the visitors to pay moeny to them..The site was referred to me too by a mylot friend. But I thought of registering in it at a later time but forgot about it. Are you a member at this site? How much do they owe to you?