google pages VS GOOGLE SITES frm these2 which u think is d best blogging platfrm

September 13, 2008 12:44pm CST
google pages allow you to create easy pages and also putting you images and referral links and has a number of template and editing options and also the html ads by adsense or adbrite acan also be put and a variety of features , then there is the new launch of google sites which allows you to do the same but a different feature that the pages are bundled under one name and it gives you a very good site look its amzing and rocking but it has got only one major disadvantage that it does not supports ads by adsense or any other advertising site
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13 Sep 08
Hi nutanjain, I don't go to any of these sits so I cannot tell you which one is the best. Tamara
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24 Sep 08
Hi nutanjain, Thanks for giving me best resposde. cheers! Tamara