its not all about bed?? what did you think?

September 13, 2008 12:55pm CST
um.. some of my professor says that good in bed is equal to good relationship?? i don't know if this is true.. i think if you love a person. its like calling making love or its called that because you feel different feeling when you doing it in your love ones. unlike doing it with pretty chick of some hot person.. or does it mean that even if you love your partner but bad in bed makes your relationship unhealthy?
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• Philippines
14 Sep 08
Allot people who are great in bed who are downright stupid when it comes to relationships. Good in bed is related with ones physical quotient or PQ while people who are great in relationships are related to with excellent Emotional quotient. Hollywood actor and actresses are great examples of these types people who have high PQ and very low EQ's.
@flance101 (137)
• Philippines
13 Sep 08
hi! i strongly disagree with your professor/s. however, i cant deny that to some people, their lovemaking with their partners makes their relationship healthier, happier. that given, i still dont believe that it goes for everyone. i dont believe that it is required to consider a relationship as a good one. i think, trust and respect make a relationship last long, and get better as time passes. also, learning how to adjust each other, while you respect your differences, will make you fall in love with the same person everyday, over and over again.