Does your family have a curse on it?

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September 13, 2008 11:31pm CST
My father's family seems cursed. Every member of his immediate family has died on a major holiday. My grandmother on Easter, my grandfather on the following 4th of July, my cousins, aunts, and uncles have hit most all the other biggies. The only holiday that doesn't have a death associated with it so far is Christmas. For that reason alone there has never been a big family gathering for Christmas dinner. And all parties and reunion are not held on the actual holiday. Does your family have a curse? How does it affect you?
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7 Nov 08
my mom was convinced that there was several on my family.. one being my dads side because every one divorced on his side of the family.. i mean everyone!! but now a days that isnt too odd but this was in the 70s on to current.. my mom thought my mil put a curse on her because they moved to the state she lived in and every time she would go to visit her family in another state they would drive and the could would always break down.. i mean every time.. for YEARS!! once she moved to another state it didnt happen but maybe 1 time afterwards.. my cousin thinks there is a curse on his family because heart problems kill off his side a lot but that could just be genetics and not supernatural.. but people will believe what they want.. there are more but what i find amusing is that with all of that and my mom thinking this she still accuses me of being paranoid and superstitious and im like Me?!?!? what about YOU?!?! i think a lot of it you just bring upon yourself in believing it..