An Email Service Provider Paying to Its Users?

September 13, 2008 11:50pm CST
Today Emails Play an Very Important Role and they Serve Large Amount of Public for free,Every Literate use Atleast one Email. Every Email has Adds in it and if any user Click Those the Service Provider Gets Paid. Yahoo is now the best Email site Which has More Adds and Followed by Google and so on... I just Want to Know Wether if there is any Email Service Provider Pays Money to its users? If there is No Site till now the top Emails like YAHOO,GMAIL,HOTMAIL(MSN),REDIFF MAIL Can introduce a new Program like offering payout or gift Cupons for using and For Clicking Adds Online. I think This Idea Will Be Helpful Mostly to Microsoft which Tried to Aquire Yahoo to Beat its Compitator Google. By Paying users it Does not it Does not Cost anything to the websites(Companies)They Can offer to Give Even a Small part of their Profits Lets Hope Microsoft Taks a good Move To Develop Its Mails
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@Bethany1202 (3432)
• United States
14 Sep 08
Interesting idea, but I am not sure if any email provider would be willing to do this since people always seek out free providers. True, there is a lot of competition, but they can just offer more services such as larger inbox capacity, better spam filters, etc. I don't think they want to give away any of their profits.
@ferdzNK (3214)
• Philippines
14 Sep 08
That would really be a good idea but they are offering us already free reliable email services that of course need expensive hardware and software maintainance. These would be possible on paid emails but then again few users would find it attractive. But I hope they could figure it out and offer such.
• India
14 Sep 08
thanks for your response...At Present internet is playing a very important role and it is creating lots and lots business , i hope my idea will be implemented in the near future....Even the Web Browsers Can pay us for using them