Another PTC problem.. And its 07bux...

September 13, 2008 11:57pm CST
Hey everyone.. In the past few days, I find all my PTC sites turning into a scam. Oh my God!! I never expected this. The first one is the-bux, then burnbux, then Clickin'Me and now its 07bux. The message displayed in 07bux... This site was suspended for non-payment. If you are the owner then please contact our Sales. Thank you for understanding. Whats happening with all the PTC sites????
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• India
14 Sep 08
hey i just opende 07bux and its working the only issie is that i havnt got my payment from them yet. I mean i was supoosed to have gotten it by today but still i havnt gotten it. I really dont know why becasue i think i made a payout level there on 15 july and it says that it pays in less than 60 days for standard members. and dammit its the 60th day today and i still havnt received my payment yet. What to do now !! ALL these sites are scams. Well you want take a note from me..Even buxout is a scam and you see in max one or 2 more months .its gonna go down and go down very badly taking everyones money. Hahaha. Well i hate all of these stupid scam sites. well anyways keep us updated about 07bux please. Thanks and happy mylotting :)