Benefits of eating Raw Tomatoes

November 6, 2006 12:58am CST
Some people say tomatoes are fruits because they are berries containing seeds. It is however a vegetable because it is usually cooked and eaten with the main meals like vegetables, meat eggs, basically every meal they add their distinctive colour and flavour. It features in recipes of many cultures. Tomatoes are sweet and healthy. This is because of their vitamins contents A, C and E, as well as potassium, calcium and mineral salts. They contain anti oxidants that lower the risk of illness like cancer and heart disease. Tomatoes are 93 to 95% water and weight watchers need not to worry about them since they are very low in calories. Many of us know the rd tomatoes but they vary in colours some are yellow, orange and green and not all are round. Some are flat or plum or pear shaped. They are useful for salads, soups, and sources and are delightful when eaten raw. The green tomatoes make excellent relish. When stored in cold temperatures their flavour is impaired with, and so storage in refrigerators should be discouraged. The ripening can be so fast if they are stored in room temperature in a basin or bowl or in a brown paper bag for several days, you can even put them on a sunlit window. So there are many benefits of eating raw tomatoes whether it is eaten as raw or it cooked in meal.