Will you stay in a relationship for the sake of child??

@cecelgay (563)
September 14, 2008 5:43am CST
Will you stay in a relationship just for the sake of your kids? what if that relationship is already full of disappointments and frustrations will you still stay? There are some man or woman who keep on hanging on for the sake of their child, what they are after is they want their children to have an intact family, even patner cheats, still they want to stay... If you're in that situation will you still stay?? How long can you hang on just for the sake of having an intact family? Anybody can express their point of view...
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15 Sep 08
I have been with my husband for 12 years and I'm not happy at all. We do have 4 children together and yes I have stayed for the sake of the kids. But I have recently come to the conclusion that it's not a healthy environment for them. I know I want them to have there father but for them to see me unhappy everyday is not good for them.
@rainmark (4306)
14 Sep 08
If the situations is worst between wife and husband, i would say that it's not healthy for the child to see your relationship getting worst and worst everyday. So it's better to separate and explain to your child in the right time why those things happened. But if you can see that that there's a chance to make your family happy then the husband and wife will work first for thier relationship to make it good and fix.