why women are selfish compared to men

November 6, 2006 1:03am CST
Hi Friends, If you are a woman , please excuse me..Its the fact i have discovered..Women are selfish compared to men..can you tell me the reason why ?
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• Philippines
6 Nov 06
I'm a woman and I'm not a fish not even selling a fish... hehehe just kidding! Seriously, dont generalize us (women)coz im not one of them. Not all are selfish. Maybe you have a traumatic experience with woman. Didn't you?
• India
6 Nov 06
yes i had.. all the women i saw were like the same kind...They look good in the beginning but they always look selfish in the end.
@Tanya8 (1734)
• Canada
6 Nov 06
If you feel that the opposite gender is more selfish (and I'm sure some women feel the same way about men), maybe it would be worthwhile to analyze the types of women you're drawn to. There are plenty of non-selfish women out there. Are you inadvertently seeking women who are going to let you down?