If you became a BILLIONAIRE overnight, what would you do?????

September 14, 2008 8:42am CST
I would give money to my local churches and charities (I'm a big believer in giving and sharing with others in need)- probably a few million. I would by my family and I a house on a large property where we could have some horses, and a little hobby farm. I wouldn't buy a mansion cause those type of houses aren't me - but I'd buy a nice house that suits me to a tea. I'd put some money aside for my kids for when they grow up and leave home, they'd be set (what loving parent doesn't want to see their children prosper in life), I'd buy my mother her dream home and pay off the debts of my closest family members (as well as my own). I probably buy a few houses and rent them out - especially seeing as their are so many people in need of housing at the moment. I would then seriously consider buying a business of some sort as an asset. What about you guys??
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• Canada
14 Sep 08
oh what a nice dream! i would pay off all my debt and mortgage, set up trust funds for the kids, dontate a huge chunk to cancer research.I would give some to my parents and my inlaws and of course invest some as well.