What would be your feelings whe You look at the Sky in Fool Moon

September 14, 2008 10:10am CST
Friends I want to learn some thing from all of your about the Full moon light in the sky. I think Human feelings are always have some contact with the nature.Sun gives us light and energy we need and moon too convey us light of sun in the night because the moon has no light of its own. The sun shine is hot but the moon light is cool. What nature has made. When some time I look at the sky full of stars and full moon, it brighten my mood and I am really so cherish to sing some thing in praise of the creator of all these things. The Sunshine pinches in the summer and sweet in the winter but the moon light never pinch even in winter to me. What is the significance of moon light on our life and other activities. I want to gather knowledge about it. Please discuss how you feel when there is a fool moon in the sky and you look at it and your feelings at that time.
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